• Robert Eckelman

Things do not have to be marked Fragile to be just that.

Some things do not have to be marked Fragile to be just that.

The term Fragile- not strong or sturdy; delicate and vulnerable. Can even encourage people to test just how fragile things are.

Work hard at every touch point to assure your clients, your relationships, your employees… that they made the right choice when they choose you. Good is not enough, in today’s environment be Great and set your sights on becoming Elite. It takes months to years to gain trust and minutes to lose it.

Sometimes what you think is solid and strong is the actually weak and perishable. I see it all the time. It typically happens when people want more from relationships then they are willing to give or loss of appreciation. Be appreciative and willing to invest in relationships the dividends are amazing

CTV = Connected TV | OTT = Over The Top TV

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