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The term Snake Oil Salesman hit me like a pie in the face

The term Snake Oil Salesman hit me like a pie in the face

I read a post the other day about a SNAKE OIL SALESMAN hit me like a pie in the face. that is really an ugly term to describe a hard profession and many good people. The post bothered me so much that I am wondering if I have a chip on my shoulder.

I am a salesperson and proud of what I do. I have never sold anything fraudulent or pushed for sales where I did not see a good outcome.

Sales is not right for everyone 80/20 rule. Rest assured, not all great sellers are silver-tongued, fast talkers.

Great Sellers are:

Well-trained, always learning, high conviction & belief in their product.

Customer-Centric Listen (the letters for silent are all in listen) first seek to understand then to be understood. Aligning features & benefits with customer needs

Have the ability to solve and see complex issues and become an active & inclusive problem solver.

Are high accountability before during & most importantly after the sale. Keep your word no matter how small or large it is.

Ambitious & goal-oriented, customers can feel it and it matters

Have strong morals, personal values, and loyalty -like winning, this is an all the time thing

Treat negotiations as long term bridge to a relationship rather than a finite agreement with a short lifespan

Know preparation is key, if you ask for 1 hour of time, invest 2 hours of preparation

Have a good sense of humor but remember they are not the floor act

I am not saying all salespeople are good. Just like not all Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers you fill in the blank. Like all others we are people and like all people we choose our conduct.

I have chosen local CTV | OTT advertising and I try every day to deliver the qualities above to my clients.


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