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The Average CTV | OTT HH watches 84 hours per month, that is a lot of screen time :)

Connected TV (CTV) | Over-the-top (OTT) viewing is mainstream.

Growth +25% 2017-2019.

3 of 4 households have a CTV | OTT Device.

The avg CTV | OTT home watches 84 hours a month,

that's 2 work weeks plus overtime (ComScore).

Excitement & activity breeds competition & Streaming Wars.

Many will enter some will leave (PlayStation Vue)

Who will win?

1st Consumers & Advertisers. fantastic new content = more viewers. Increased viewership will lead to Advanced Ad Tech. That means better targeting opportunities, & Dynamic Advertising (Learn More about dynamic Ads are click here

2nd Roku, They are not even in the battle, Roku is 100% neutral and will benefit regardless of who wins. Roku is the top platform that people are using to consume streaming. Roku powers the majority of smart TVs, Sells quality stand-alone devices and has over 30 million active users. Just as Important Roku is a full media company and will clearly benefit from additional content & more offerings.

3rd Fire TV will gain, devices are first-rate & Alexa enabled. Fire TV is currently behind Roku in market share and in CTV | OTT advertising. Fire TV is part of the Amazon machine and while Amazon does fantastic with advertising that is only part of the conglomerate.

Connected TV | Over The Top advertising always getting better

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