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Some Dell, Some Don’t. A Sales and Customer loyalty story

Sales and customer loyalty A tale of 2 different companies.

I just purchased a new computer. I shopped around, I had some specific wants & what I wanted was expensive. I almost bought a no name brand until talked with Dell. They ask questions, offer good suggestions & customize. It was a great experience. I purchased- spent a little more than I wanted but felt like I made a good decision.

2 days after purchasing I saw a large discount for Dell, I wasn't that disappointed but figured I would call Dell. They answered in a big way, they gave me the discount, rather than saving money I upgraded. I'm also sharing this story (from my 10-year-old Dell computer that still works fantastic). I did not even realize I was loyal to Dell and not I know why.

Company 2 will go unnamed, but they are my Internet service provider.

My last bill increased by $15 a month. I called them & they told me my promotional pricing end. I didn't recall being on promotional pricing but I probably was.

I asked the representative if they could just keep me on the promotional pricing. I explained that I didn't find their service better than my last provider. I could go back at a rate $20 lower. I also said, "once I leave I will be flooded with direct Mail & Incentivized to come back".

My Internet provider said you are correct but the $15 increase would stay. I asked them to please check. I was put on hold, the person came back and said the increased price stays.

This company is losing customers in droves. They have no advantage in technology, speed, customer service, or customer loyalty. I have already switched.

Some Dell, Some Don’t


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