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Q3 2019 Cable loses 3 million Subs, that is over 18,739 TV subscribers lost daily

Just the facts Cable Q3 2019 report cards are in.

According to Cord Cutters News Q3 2019 losses equate to over 18,739 TV subscribers lost every single day in the 3rd quarter of 2019. It appears cord-cutting increased by over 30% from a dismal Q2 2019 report card.

Consider this, it is not just cord-cutting that large cable companies have to contend with, it is the next generation of cord nevers. Ask any twenty-something if they have traditional cable or ever plan to subscribe.

Q3 2019 reported so far

AT&T 1,358,000

Comcast 238,000

Spectrum 77,000

Verizon 67,000

Q2 2019

DIRECTV NOW: 168,000

Spectrum: 141,000

Comcast: 224,000

DIRECTV & U-Verse TV: 778,000

Cable Loss, CTV | OTT Gain.

Local CTV | OTT advertising always getting better


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