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Q2 2019 Cable Report Card Subscriptions Down | Earnings Beat Estimates, Strange Paradox

Q2 2019 Cable report card Subscriptions down 1.3 Million,

Earnings are good most beat estimates

That is an interesting paradox- Kind of like my report card as a kid, the teachers would say "His grades are not good but he is smart"

According to Cord Cutters News ( full article here)

cable companies are losing more than 14,000 subscribers per day

Q2 2019

DIRECTV NOW: 168,000

Spectrum: 141,000

Comcast: 224,000

DIRECTV & U-Verse TV: 778,000

From what I have read, cord-cutting will accelerate as promotional pricing ends.

Here are the paradoxes

Americans are watching more video than ever while cord-cutting is at an all-time high

My thought they are watching CTV |OTT

Q 2 cable company profits they appear to be strong and beating estimates.

I am not an economist, not even fantastic at reading a spreadsheet. Generally, if you are making more with less part of that equation in price increases. Higher prices lead to more cord-cutting so I really don't know how long this will last.

The marketers the future is local CTV | OTT advertising. ConnectADtv is hear to help

Q2 2019 Cable Subs down, earnings beat estimates. Strange paradox
Q2 2019 Cable Subs down, earnings beat estimates. Strange paradox

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