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Positive improvements we can all work on going into the weekend. Here is a cheat sheet :)

As always thank you for sharing Sam. I added 2 1&8 Included the author's name.

1.Failure really is just success in progress. If you’d rather not fail, you will probably never succeed.- Albert Einstein

2. Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

3. Following the path of least resistance is what makes people and rivers crooked.

4. I am good at what I love. I don’t love everything I am good at.

5. If a sense of humor were our default, we would all get along a lot better.

6. When the student is ready the teacher appears.

7. A conflict delayed is a conflict magnified.

8. There are two ways of spreading light be the candle or the mirror that reflects it - Edith Wharton


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