• Robert Eckelman

People will return in droves. How will you direct them to your store

Here is a good idea Clorox 360 electrostatic sprayer. Use for Auto dealerships, Ride Sharing, Delivery Fleets, Gyms, Schools, Offices... Precision Care powered by Clorox® Total 360®, a  sanitizing system designed to make areas germ-free, safer. Supposedly it will clean 300 square feet in :60 

I have nothing to do with this company but I see it as a good idea for some of my clients and friends. If you are one of them do some research and see if this is for real.  

When crowds return they will want to see the cleaning squad daily and hourly using cleaning products they trust.

Think about it, door handles, steering wheels, weights, office desks, keyboards. Gross

Wherever I go, I want to know it is clean and germ-free. Someone using a dirty rag and an unknown cleaner in a bottle does not give me much confidence.

This could be a point of difference and a confidence builder when people return in droves 

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