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Peleton to Amazon- this is the first time Peloton has sold products outside of their own site

Peloton- Another casualty of COVID or is opening to Amazona a smart business move. Time will tell,

I do think the Peloton brand has lost some of its shine and exclusivity. It is no longer the gem of home workouts. The competition has come up with many competitive products, people are getting back to the gym, some Peletons are becoming expensive clothes lines. Sales could have also cooled due to the price tag and the current economic conditions. Is there something larger in the near future like an Amazon buyout, who knows? Whatever the case Peleton is looking for solutions and have turned to Amazon.

I have never even sat on a Peloton, but from what I am hearing, some of the scenic ride videos are gone or have changed to lesser quality.

I worked in the TV industry for 36 years, I can say from first hand knowledge divesting in the driving force behind your business is never a good move. Any money saved by cutting corners and losing the panache and reputation of a high-quality brand is dollars moved to the competition or a competing product category.


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