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Once the horse has left the barn they often find greener pastures.

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

This is a follow-up post to Spectrum increasing my high-speed Internet rate by 122% over three years from $45 to $100.

Trust is a funny thing it takes years to build and only minutes to destroy. Every contact with a customer is an opportunity to build trust, show them how important they are to you, end express gratitude. Never lose sight of that

Immediately after receiving notice of my huge rate increase, I called Spectrum. I explained to them I had been a loyal customer and felt the increase was excessive. I explained that I wanted to stay a customer and asked if there was anything they could do to keep me as a loyal customer, meaning keeping my old rate of $75 (which I knew was still high but acceptable). I was told very quickly, absolutely not this is what we are charging you. I told them if that was the case, I would be calling back to cancel and ask them to reconsider. They told me the final price was $100.

I did not cancel immediately because I needed to secure my new high-speed Internet prior to disconnecting. It took all of 24 hours for me to establish a new high-speed Internet provider. The monthly charge is less than half of the $100 Spectrum. My new service is $45 per month, and the speed is more than double what I was getting (I am not at almost 500 MPS). I moved on am in Greener Pastures.

As soon as I was hooked up and all connections were checked I called Spectrum back to cancel my service. During the cancellation call, I was put on hold for quite some time, I find that odd. When the Spectrum representative did come back to the phone, they told me they would reduce my service to $49.

I told them it was too late, I already had a new service and Spectrum had lost my trust. Spectrum followed up by asking me to cancel the new provider & move back up with them. I declined that all too late offer. Then Spectrum put the hard press on me to sign up for their new mobile service. I repeated to them they had completely lost my trust.

Trust is a funny thing it takes years to build it and only minutes to destroy it.

I am completely flabbergasted end dismayed by the way I was treated by Spectrum.

Every contact with a customer is an opportunity to show just how important they are to you. Never lose sight of that.

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