• Robert Eckelman

No need to ruffle your feathers, Peacock will have a free version.

No need to ruffle your feathers. There is a free option for Peacock.

NBC’s new streaming service will have 3 options, 2 will be ad-supported 😊

The free version of Peacock will offer at least 7,500 hours of programming, and day-after access to current seasons of first-year NBC shows, Universal movies, and more.

The first paid tier will be $4.99. It will offer more programming around 1400 hours of Ad-Supported programming.

The second paid tier will be $9.99 per month, it will contain no advertising.

If the research is correct, most viewers don’t mind Ad’s in exchange for watching content they want, when they want, where they want. I would expect this tier to lag the free and first subscription tier.

I sure hope so, Ad’s = Good

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