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Never let them see you sweat, This seems to be the way CEO's of cable companies are handling the telecom challenge to high-speed home internet

In the 1980s there were a series of commercials for Dry Idea Deodorant, the tagline was Never Let Them See You Sweat. It sounds like that is the advice CEOs of the cable companies are taking regarding 5G home Internet provided by telecom companies.


On January 3rd I made a post titled "Comcast not threatened by 5G Home Internet".

There are a lot of super-intelligent people in this world. I try to get smarter by reading what they publish, and following their various digital feeds.


It does seem like Comcast CEO Brian Roberts and Charter CEO Christopher Winfrey are not reading the same things I am reading. It almost seems like short-term deja vu. It was only a few years ago when the cable industry was not worried about streaming.

There has got to be a more strategic way to protect your home turf than downplaying the growth end momentum of high-speed 5G home Internet  provided by telecom companies such as T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T

Here is a link to an article from Cord Cutters News that shows the three telecom companies above added 840,005 G home Internet customers in Q 4/23

 During this same time period, Comcast also reported losing 34,000 broadband customers — the second consecutive quarter in which subscribers declined.

T-Mobile +541,000

Verizon + 231,000

AT&T + 67,000

Comcast -34,000


Downplaying the momentum of 5G home will not stop it from happening. You need a better plan. The last plan the expensive and limited Xumo Stream Box is not impressive. Possibly the answer to his speed will be better.


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