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Netflix looking to net sky-high CPMs without measurement & audience segmentation that is standard

Netflix gave notice to the media community. We are here and ready, but it is going to cost you. Netflix may start sooner than expected. Netflix initially announced Ads starting in 2023 but recently said ads will start flowing on Nov 1st, 2022.

They also announced opening bids for advertising with CPM's at $65. This is about double the normal CPM for top-notch CTV providers. While not lacking confidence in the CPM, Netflix is lacking in other areas such as audience targeting and measurement. Apparently, Netflix has already stated they will provide limited audience targeting and no 3rd party measurement for advertisers.

I am excited about the Netflix audience and there is absolutely pent-up demand. I think major advertisers will jump at the chance to stand out and get noticed in this uncluttered environment. It will likely be some time before smaller advertisers step up to the plate.

Eagerly watching.

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