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Netflix, Advertising? Things never happen…until they happen

Some day Netflix will have advertising
Some day Netflix will have advertising

There a lot of buzz about someday Netflix adding advertising.

I have read several pro and con stories. I just read an article, that stated in March 2018 Reed Hastings CEO of Netflix said no advertising on Netflix.

To that I say, things never happen…until they happen. I hope Netflix jumps into advertising and for my clients, it can’t start soon enough.

There are several studies that show viewers are OK with advertising as a trade-off to a better value proposition...low price

Viewers are even catching on to advertising relevancy, meaning they know many ads are for products and services they have an interest in.

I don't know if there will ever be advertising on Netflix, but I do know Netflix will eventually lose programming think Disney and ATT Warner, and or the cost of the rights to programming will skyrocket like Friends up from around $30 million to $100 million. The competition will offer better options, the same options, cheaper option.

The only constant is change and CTV | OTT is changing rapidly…for the better. For me, content is just filler in between commercial breaks😊

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