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Many people see 7 as a lucky number. 8 is powerful also.

It can be interpreted as a new beginning, prosperity, success... I really don't get too caught up in numbers. I hope whatever number you choose brings you luck. Here are 8 good thoughts that may deliver good fortune.

1, Sometimes the longest journey is from head to heart.

2, The best time to do the right thing is when no one is looking. (I have told my son this since he could walk, Pierce- make sure you are listening)

3, There is great power in words if you don’t string too many of them together.

4, No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it in the first place.

5, Experience is the name we give our mistakes.

6, Common sense makes common ground

7, Progress lies not only in enhancing what is but in advancing toward what will be.

8, The art of living lies in the balance between holding on and letting go.


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