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If you're advertising & marketing are sensational & but your response time is slow & unprofessional

Sensational Advertising & Marketing  Slow & Unprofessional Response Time
Sensational Advertising & Marketing Slow & Unprofessional Response Time

You have essentially wasted your money. This happens fairly often and unfortunately, owners of businesses are sometimes not aware of it.

I need a new pool cage and gutters or possibly just new gutters and a re-screen. I reached out to five companies that I researched online. Part of the qualifying process I used was to read the reviews and view the projects they have done. All six companies' websites seemed very impressive and the work looked fantastic.

Of the six that I reached out to, being very specific about my needs, only 2 called back. The first appointment scheduled was a complete no-show with absolutely no follow-up. The second appointment called me two days prior to the appointment and asked if he could show up earlier on the scheduled day. He explained to me that he was visiting from out of town and had a few other calls scheduled so he wanted to see if that would work out. I said, absolutely, please text me first. I will be home all day. True to his word, he texted me and showed up around 12:30p.

As we walk back to a pool area he asked me, what do you know about our company? I said I looked at the website. He responded by telling me they were different, better than all other pool enclosure companies. Mentioning the thickness of the aluminum they utilize and that their premium pool cage would last me a lifetime. He looked at a few cages across the canal and let me know they were terrible.

He did not ask me anything. Nothing about my needs, why I want to replace it, if I would consider reducing the size, how long I have lived in the house or how long I intended to stay in the house. He just kept telling me it would last a lifetime.

I am 58, Other than my wife, I'm not looking for anything to last me a lifetime. We walked around the enclosure and then he quickly said I can go get my measuring tape but I can tell you this will be between $50,000 and $60,000. I was looking for between $20,000 and $30,000 and I am fairly certain That is a very achievable target. Obviously, I did not have the guy get his measuring tape.

It's a shame to think he drove across the coast for a 5-minute bizarre meeting. I am a qualified and ready buyer. Iit is a shame that six companies spent money on their marketing advertising and sales team and only 1 unprofessional seller showed up.

I worked for a company in the past that put sales way before operations. We could sell but the delivered product was at times dreadful. When I open ConnectADtv my first commitment was to never put sales before operations. For the last five years, I have had to focus on controlling the growth of ConnectADtv so we could continue delivering everything we promised while controlling quality and building loyalty. The majority of our clients have been with us since we opened in 2018. To all of our clients thank you. To our next client, we have references for you


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