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I understand the formula Reach X Frequency= GRP's. That is part of the issue...It is not real....

Thank you great discussions on my last Reach & Frequency post. I get the formula Reach X Frequency= GRP's. That is part of the issue.

I have built schedules with a few daypart, maxed out GRP & was able to get a reach well beyond what was possible. I am cynical on the statistical formula, many people are. I have used diaries, meters, Arbitron & Nielsen both measured TV (different results), & LPM's. The currency changed, ratings fractionalized.

Advertisers buying buy 300GRP's per week now purchase 150GRP's. Advertisers with strong business models thrived. Think about it Reach and frequency never changed so reach and frequency had to be reduced based on lower ratings.

Reach & frequency of who 25-54? I am 54 & very few of my friends have my interests desires or focus. My friends want to slow down. I want to keep up with my son in the gym. My younger friends 35-45 play video games. Video Games? Pong? I don't get it.

My Quest, reach the right people actively in the market, entering the market, or prior owners & up and comers. EX furniture= new movers. Customize the marketing funnel specific to customers. Targeted Reach & Optimal Frequency are possible with CTV I OTT. Tie commercials viewed to site activity & eventually a purchase. Out with the old, in with the better. Let's talk


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