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I like to save money, but I love to save time and hassle

For all the superb press and publicity that CTV | OTT has received, saving time and hassle have rarely made the list. Think about it, with a skinny bundle you eliminate the 3-hour window waiting for the cable installer or repairman. You no longer need to make calls to the cable provider, only to be placed on eternal hold. You will not need to unplug and plug back in your cable box ( that is like the tech guy telling you to re boot). You will not waist time trying to understand the miscellaneous charges on the cable bill. I still don't understand them. Switch to a Skinny Bundle, there are several providers. There are no contracts and many offer a free trials. Try them out and pick who you like. I currently like Hulu, with one click of the mouse I can start, stop, pause service, or add additional channels. My home is a heavy TV user home and we watch all genres, all times of the day. The experience has been fantastic. I don't need cable boxes all over my home. I am looking forward to 5G. Local CTV | OTT advertising keeps getting better. These are just 2 more reasons to switch.

Save money, time, and hassle with CTV | OTT skinny bundles
Save money, time, and hassle with CTV | OTT skinny bundles


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