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I knew there were a lot of OTT subscribers, but I didn't know there were so many zeros a in M...

I just did a quick search for subscriber numbers to my favorite CTV | OTT channels. I knew that there were a lot of subscribers, but I didn't know there were so many zeros, as in millions!

That is a lot of Zeros Roku 40,000,000

Fire TV 40,000,000

Hulu 32,000,000

Crackle 26,000,000

Tubi 25,000,000

Pluto 24,000,000

March-May 2020 viewership is up across the board. While linear television is heading back to normal levels, CTV | OTT channels appear to be holding onto their growth:

Positive in number of household viewing


Positive in number of hours being viewed.

According to ComScore between January 20 and April 20

Non Ad-Supported CTV| OTT grew by 5%.

Ad-Supported CTV | OTT networks grew by 9%.

Watch all you want CTV | OTT always getting better for users and marketers.

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