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We invest 10-15 hours a week learning so we can help my clients achieve the best CTV has to deliver

How do you catch lightning in a bottle? The truth is you can't, it is just moving too fast. How do you know all there is to know in the CTV | OTT | Streaming space? Just like lightning in a bottle, it is moving fast and it is hard to predict where the next bolt will strike. I am supremely confident in the schedules and results we are delivering for clients but I know the next best thing will soon be knocking on the door.

I can not go 24 hours without seeing enticing headlines

I research daily, do my best to make sense of it all, and share with clients new tested solutions. That is my commitment to customers, it is also my DNA... my vision. I have just added a research page to ConnectADtv to share with all visitors. I want to clarify the prior sentence. I said, "I try to make sense of it all". The Velocity of change in the CTV | OTT | Streaming is at warp speed. I can read two articles from quality sources back to back and they are different. I don't try to decide which is more accurate, I rely on the research I read, the videos I have viewed, my trusted contacts & mentors. I then spot and share relevant trends.

CTV | OTT | Streaming getting better all the time for Viewers and advertisers.

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