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I hope the Peacock gets last-minute deals, I am all for great ad-supported CTV |OTT

Peacock is set to launch tomorrow and as of today, they do not have deals with Roku or Fire TV the most dominant CTV | OTT platforms (see chart above on share of viewing hours). This is kind of like opening up a restaurant without a cook, or even closer to home starting Quibi On mobile only. For Peacock or Quibi it does not really matter how good the content is if people do not favor the CTV | OTT delivery method.

Peacock looks great I like the options offered, free and two subscription models. It also has some solid content. Great article here about Peacocks offerings. I have 4 smart TV’s, 3 Roku’s and 3 Fire Sticks and I can not get Peacock. Most people will not be able to get it either.

Quibi launched with great fanfare but has stumbled out of the gates. Who knows what the future holds for Quibi. What I have read does not look promising.

CTV | OTT has become very competitive, with fantastic players and great content. We've all heard the saying bring your A-game.

Here is the way I see it

with no Roku, Peacock you immediately drops from an A to a B,

with no fire TV it drops from a B to a C.

With many smart TV‘s not having access to the app it drops from a C to a D.

Back to the headline, I would like to see Peacock succeed. I hope Peacock makes last-minute deals to be carried by the most popular CTV | OTT platforms.

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