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I have come to realize it's the smallest things that make the biggest differences

Updated: May 10, 2023

You have probably heard the cliche before, people will forget what you said but remember how you made them feel. Some people have mastered the art of making people feel good. I know a handful of people like that. I have studied them and I try to emulate some of the micro things that they do all the time.

Making people feel good is not about the grand gestures, it's about the small things you do consistently, with sincerity, and without expecting anything in return. Keep this in mind in every contact with your clients and the people closest to you.

I have actually known about the "small things" for quite some time and I try to practice it as a routine. It's become so ingrained that I always feel good when I am doing small deeds of goodness. It has become such a part of me that I often forget about it. I was reminded of this just this morning. Before going to bed I set my Alexa alarm, something I almost never do. By nature, I am an early riser and if for some reason I can sleep in that's my body me I need to sleep.

As it turns out I woke up well before my Alexa alarm. I walked over to my Alexa and whispered alarm off. To my surprise, Alexa whispered back to me alarm off, and then let me know it was in whisper mode.

I never knew of whisper mode. It's a small thing I will rarely ever use. This morning it allowed me to utilize my alarm without waking up my wife. In the grand scheme of things this is a small thing, my wife woke up 10 minutes after the alarm would have gone off. Whisper modes fantastic! I may only use it once or twice a year but I certainly know now I can utilize my Alexa alarm without waking up my wife. It's the small things that make the biggest differences.

Want to stand out and be remembered? Do the small things early often and consistently.

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