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I can handle the truth. In fact, the only thing I want is a straightforward answer to my questions.

Updated: Jun 24

Straight Talk in CTV, Streaming, and Retargeting

Let's cut through the fluff. In the world of digital advertising, clarity is king. We are in the CTV, streaming, retargeting, and measurement – areas rife with jargon and complexity. But for us, there's no room for fluff. We crave transparency. Half-truths, overpromises, and cobbled-together (frankensteined) solutions are dealbreakers.

We are a small company with a big vision, constantly engaging with streaming vendors and technology partners to deliver the best outcomes for our clients. We recently added Amazon Prime advertising to our offerings, and we plan to include Netflix as soon as it becomes effective and efficient for our clients.

As I interview potential tech partners, a single question keeps resurfacing: Can you be upfront with me? It's ironic – I ask direct questions, repeatedly, yet a direct answer remains elusive. I'm forced to bluntly request a straight response or end the call entirely.

Why the obfuscation? Do some sellers simply not know the answers? Are they hesitant to reveal the truth? Or worse, are they resorting to sales tactics over substance?

Here's a recent example. A company pitched technology that supposedly measures viewer attention to video ads. This is a game-changer for me and my clients. Intrigued, I asked for specifics: sample size & location, compatible streaming networks, and details about the underlying tech.

20 minutes later, I received the wrong website link and a vague response about "many publishers." My repeated inquiries about sample size went unanswered. I personally further investigated this opportunity and it revealed a company that I am familiar with. Great idea but a concerningly small national sample of 3,000 US households, the US has about 130,000,000 households. Additionally, the sample likely included a mix of screens beyond TVs.

The concept has potential, but right now, it's all hype and minimal substance. Simple truths are what drive informed decisions. That's the approach I value, that's what I look for in a partner, and that's what we always provide to our clients.


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