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Hulu making headlines is nothing new these days, Streaming | CTV | OTT gets a lot of ink...

This ink may not be what you think. It did surprise me. This is Not a political post

This is about Hulu and how they are handling political advertising I do find it interesting. I use the word interesting because I am not taking a positive or negative view of what I am seeing. In general, I stay away from posting anything about politics. I'm not a political person I keep my views to myself and I had my fill of political advertising as a broadcast sales manager for 17 years.

What I will say is that our broadcast stations had some FCC guidelines that we followed when clearing political commercials. We did not take a stand on the content of the commercials as long as they were legally qualified. I left broadcasting in 2018 that could have changed but I doubt it. This may be the difference between traditional and non-traditional media.


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