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How CTV | OTT spread quick- Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority 3 of 4 HH have a CTV device

So just how did CTV | OTT spread so quickly?

Easy to understand-

It’s TV (only better), something you have grown up with Large Hive (Group of consumers)- Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority. 3 out of 4 HH have a Connected TV device, we are way past the tipping point

Clear Need | Value Proposition-

Save money, better experience, save time & hassle, easy to start, stop, cancel Usability- Great Technology has made CTV Easy. In the early days, it may have been a challenge. Roku & Fire TV Easy, Fantastic, Voice Remote The Best. Cable companies are making it easier, they are teaching consumers to use Apps.

Information gap | Trend-

People want to understand the world around them. Not much to learn, hit power & go. It is easy to be part of the trend.

Demonstration | Emotion

Easy to show & tell, what you are watching

Sharing is caring-

humans share to connect

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How CTV | OTT Spread quick
How CTV | OTT Spread quick


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