• Robert Eckelman

Great Podcast on CTV, just the facts from eMarketer. 25 minutes that may save hours.

9/22/20 Great Podcast from Marketer forecasting analyst Eric Haggstrom, Zachary Goldner, Nicole Perrin, reviewing the evolving landscape of advertising on CTV. This is not a sales pitch, it is just the here and now facts. This podcast 25-minute podcast may save you hours of time. There is a lot of noise on the CTV space. Some of the information is on target, some of it is pure fiction.


Timestamps from the podcast

1:30 what is CTV

3:30 CTV Penetration

6:10 top platforms in the space

10:10 CTV Ad Spend

11:50 Growth

15:00 Carriage agreements & Apps

19:00 Roku & Amazon vs competition

22:00 Measurement

CTV OTT always getting better

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