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Grapes to Grapefruits. I am the Grapes that becomes fine wine, Grapefruits are for breakfast or diet

The other day I updated my linkedin profile.

I must admit

I am a bad writer, sorry but at least I am authentic.

I looked at Linkedin profiles of people who I admire or who have had great accomplishments.

I looked at companies on Linkedin in the CTV OTT Field.

Some companies in my field call me a competitor, I have worked for some of these companies. Believe me I am not a competitor. Comparing a boutique company like ConnectADtv to a large media company is like comparing Grapes to Grapefruits. I am the Grapes that becomes fine wine for clients, Grapefruits are for breakfast, diets or juice (the 11 in Juice Popularity).

Here is an observation and something to think about

It is all about Quality over Quantity. When I looked at profiles of companies in my field of business a few of them highlighted sales teams of 700-1000 people. These are new business units 3 years-7 months new.

Just some math, if there 1000 sales people, how much back end support is needed 300-500 people? Now we are looking at 1300 to 1500 people in a new field. Are they all experts or even excellent? If you have worked with one of these companies you know the answer.

More math, 1000 sales people means 1000 budgets, just a guess, 10 new clients each, that is 10,000 new clients. In my mind the only thing worse than being client 9999 is being client 10,000.

I know and respect many of these people. They will not like this post, but the truth is their focus in on hitting a company number. I am a small business, my focus is on customer success.

I have no corporate number to hit, just results to deliver. For ConnectADtv it is always quality over quantity. If you target a specific market, want a custom solution, need a partner focused on your success, lets have a conversation, from there we can see if there is a fit.

I am the greap that becomes fine wine for my clients, grapefruits are for brakfast, diets, and is not even a popular juice rank 11

CTV = Connected TV | OTT = Over The Top TV

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