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Good things come out of change

Many younger people in the workplace don't remember when you could walk into an airport and get on a plane without taking off Shoes & Belt or emptying your computer bag.

Things changed, just as things will change due to COVID 19.

Good things come out of change

Companies that care more about their employees

More respect for people on the front line

Better security and more use of video conferencing | Video Learning | Teledoc Telecommuting and finding new ways to be productive

Spending more time with family and enjoying new activities (that once were old such as playing board games)

Delivery groceries will stay long beyond our home quarantines Regular hand-washing will become more common. If you are sick stay home.

Going to work sick does not make you a hero

Being respectful of a personal space

Large companies and medical becoming nimble.

Just look at how many companies or making face masks hand gel and even ventilators feel

free to fill in positive changes you see

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