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From an ad guys point of view long live the bundle.

I just read an article about the challenge to the traditional TV bundle.

The cable company selling a massive lineup of programs bundled together (even if the average customers watches only a handful).

Clearly, that bundle is being challenged (yet somehow cable rates are increasing & boxes are mandatory- use the app instead). People only want to pay for the networks they watch or they don't want to pay when they can watch for free already.

Here is the paradox,

For years I sold one network. I sold a broad audience hoping my customer's best prospects were in that audience. Now I have access to a growing bundle of networks & content providers.

With CTV | OTT marketers now have the luxury, data, technology, bread crumbs & Large Bundle to reach custom audiences made up of their best customers. My clients don’t target programs, it’s not about content, it’s about the audience. Sure content is king, but that is in the eye of the beholder. We rarely target the traditional age and gender. Customers are more focused on purchase intent, interests, lifestyle, proximity… If this is important to you, I can help.

From an ad guys point of view long live the bundle, I just don't want to pay for channels not important to me.


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