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For your CTV campaign go deep & wide, Buy FASTs, purchase high & low, procure VMVP's pro & college sports, premium SVOD channels like Amazon Prime, Max & Peacock. Target audiences, not networks...

A strategically designed CTV campaign is all local regardless of the GEO Being targeted. Whether it's a region or a 15-mile radius the audience is being squeezed by choosing specific target audiences, eliminating devices and focusing first on large screen TV's, applying stringent frequency caps and avoiding nonproductive day ports such as overnights. It is also important to be platform agnostic. Campaigns that focus on a single platform, like Fire TV or Roku, or one OEM rather than many, miss valued audience and influence.

  • Go Deep & Wide: Invest in a broad array of CTV apps. CTV thrives on user choice; ensure your presence across multiple apps for maximum targeted reach

  • Purchase High & Low: Mix premium content with other offerings to create a cost-effective campaign. Utilize a blend of high CPM and low CPM impressions for broad reach and optimal frequency

  • Procure MVPs & Major live sports events, both professional and college, to capture engaged audiences

  • Embrace FASTs: free ad-supported streaming TV like the Roku channel tube and Pluto are often as or more popular than premium SVOD channels and MVPD's

  • Invest in Premium SVOD Channels: Channels like Amazon Prime, Max, Peacock, Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN offer high-quality content that attracts loyal viewers.

  • Target Audiences, Not Networks or Programs: Use data-driven targeting segments to reach specific audiences. Your vendor should provide a detailed list of these segments.

  • Apply Stringent Frequency Caps: Ensure your vendor monitors frequency by schedule and by individual streaming apps to avoid overexposure.

  • Track Digital Metrics: Monitor view-through rates and other metrics to measure campaign effectiveness.

  • Follow Up with Retargeting: Reinforce CTV impressions with retargeting on portable devices like phones, tablets, and laptops.

  • Demand Transparency and Speed: Your vendor should provide real-time access to campaign data and metrics. Delayed reports might indicate outsourcing.

  • Regular Optimization Reviews: Continuously improve your campaign by reviewing performance and optimizations with your vendor regularly.

By implementing these strategies, your CTV campaign can achieve broad reach, targeted engagement, and continuous improvement for optimal results. ConnectADtv can assist with all these elements, ensuring a successful and impactful campaign.

graphic and list above are the most recent numbers I could find with a google search. you may find different but these are very close as of 06/18/24

Streaming Apps

Subscribers In Millions

Netflix (AD Supported)


Amazon Prime Video










Pluto TV


Roku Channel




Samsung TV Plus


YouTube TV


Hulu + Live TV


Sling TV





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