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Even with viewership high, there were 1.3 million fewer cable households Jan 2020-March 2020.

Even with the large number of people staying at home during the Covid 19 pandemic & video viewership increasing, There are 1.3 Million fewer households watching Cable TV Jan 2020 to March 2020. This is the results by a Samba TV Study.

How can this be?

Simple, Households are finding alternative ways to view.

Cable news has seen an increase in viewership but when Cable News is removed cable is actually down 2.4% see full article here

Were The alternative viewing methods driven by subscription CTV|OTT services? There is some information that indicates a different trend.

According to an interview with Alison Levin of Roku Inc., the year over year growth of ad-supported CTV OTT is higher than the growth subscription channels

I have posted this several times that the current stay at home audience has and will accelerate the growth of CTV | OTT and it was reinforced in the Roku article

Watch all you want CTV | OTT always getting better for viewers and advertisers


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