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CTV vs FEP local OTT advertising-The information gap widens as more people jump in.

Choose what side of the rainbow you want to be on. CTV and FEP inventory for local advertising are very different. Connected TV Inventory (CTV) is inventory that plays only on the glass of your TV. It may play through a Smart TV or a connected devices but it plays on your TV. Connected TV delivers professionally produced content without a cable subscription. Some content is free like Pluto, Tubi and Crackle and some is fee based like Netflix and thin bundles from Sling, Direct TV Now, Playstation Vue and more. Connected TV inventory always fills 100% of the screen.

FEP stands for Full Episode Player. FEP also streams professional produced content but it is not directed only to the glass on your TV. FEP often plays in web browsers, apps, tablets, desktops and phones. The difference may appear slight when reading this, but the experience and attention given to each device is very different. FEP is often not full screen, not full attention, a user may even be on a different tab while content is playing. There is a difference between cost and value. there are people selling FEP or FEP TV as one in the same with CTV inventory. It is not, let information be your best offense. Consider the price value equation on when purchasing your next local CTV |OTT advertising schedule. The only Inventory reserved for televisions is CTV inventory. Still have questions? Call ConnectADtv and we will help 727 580 4857.


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