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CTV | OTT growth has been phenomenal. There are many conflicting numbers. Who do I believe?

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

According to Statista and The Lichtman Research Group, 82% of U. S. homes have at least 1 Connected TV Device. Without question, the growth of connected TV has been extraordinary. There are many numbers floating around on the usage of CTV as well as numbers for the decline of cable and broadcast. Some of them appear accurate and others seem fairly outrageous.

We have had this conversation with many of our clients. It is difficult to track down the precise because the target continues to move. Every day, week, & month the numbers are literally different.

Here is a recommendation. Look at a few credible sources. The chart above is from Statista and the numbers below are from the Lichtman Research Group. Take the high number and the low number and throw them out. Look at the middle and you will likely see numbers that are very similar. Don't worry about which numbers are perfect, perfection is the death of progress. It really doesn't matter if CTV penetration is at 82% or 72%. The bottom line, the majority of households are using CTV

Don't fight the change in media consumption. Jump in with eyes wide open, track, optimize and revise.

Lichtman Research Group 6/4/2021

82% of U.S. HH have at least one Internet-connected TV or device

The average number of connected TV devices per HH is 4.1

60% of adults watch video via a connected TV device at least weekly


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