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CTV & OTT close, but not the same thing

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

CTV– A Television that is connected to the Internet through its built-in Smart TV interface or a plug-in device | stick like a Roku, Fire TV stick, Game Console... CTV Advertising only runs on the glass of your Television. It is 100% full Screen, Long Form*, and Non-Skippable

*ConnectADtv only runs Long Form (22 minutes or more Programming). A viewer could watch YouTube Clips on their TV so from other providers that could fall under CTV.

OTT- Over The Top is video content delivered over and around traditional Broadcast, Cable or Satellite. OTT content can be delivered to your TV, but also to your smartphone, tablet or computer. Content on smartphone, tablet & computer may not be full screen or even in view due to multiple screen options

CTV is a Premium Product, OTT is often, but not always, a cheaper blended product. There is room for both CTV and OTT Just be sure the vendor is transparent and has a strategy for both.

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