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CTV always getting better.

Late last week it was announced the Roku Channel will now be available on Fire TV and Tubi will add local, national & International news

The Roku channel has 115 Live Channels and a library of thousands of titles. Many people think of Roku as a device or a TV that allows for streaming. The majority of Roku revenue comes through advertising. For Roku, the win is easy, adding the Roku Channel to a great platform like Fire TV will deliver more content, targeted ads, and revenue. For fire TV offering viewers more quality free ad-supported streaming (FASTs) is part of the allure.   

Also Announced Fox owned Tubi will add a solid list of International, National, Spanish and Local News.

Local News will come from 17 Fox stations, Hearst stations will also be added soon.

Additional local and national to come from NBC, CBS, Weather Nation

National- USA Today. Black News Channel, Bloomberg

International- Euronews World, Estrella News Network (24-hour Spanish language news)

My guess channels will expand

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