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ConnectADtv- Who are we? Why Ad budgets are shifting to CTV. All campaigns start with client needs

ConnectADtv- Who are we and what do we do?

ConnectADtv simplifies CTV | OTT for clients. We work with top-tier providers, networks, and skinny bundles. Targeted advertising runs in all genres: News, Sports, lifestyle, entertainment. Inventory is curated, brand-safe, fraud-free and commercials are non-skippable.

Why are advertisers shifting ad budgets to CTV | OTT? CTV | OTT shifts power from media companies to marketers. Advertisers no longer need to buy shows and networks; hoping prospects are in the audience. CTV | OTT offers advertisers the ability to build precise audiences made up of best their prospects. We are in a demos + world, today's best marketers are using data and technology to improve the impact, relevance, and engagement of their advertising. The outcome reach and influence consumers whose online and offline behavior, lifestyle, income, location… qualify them as in-market intenders. All campaigns are custom and everything we do revolves around the client. We start by understanding our client needs, collaborate on a plan, and audience profile. Premium inventory is a basic must, in order to deliver extraordinary results, the campaign structure must be built and implemented by an expert. What do clients see? ConnectADtv is 100% transparent. Our clients see everything we see, all channels, all CPM’s, and our exact fee. Clients receive robust reporting that provides granular detail. We review this information with clients to continually make campaign improvements. ConnectADtv is at the forefront of CTV | OTT. Our goal is to be the best at what we do, so our clients can be the best at what they do.


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