• Robert Eckelman

Cable & Satellite currently 65%, it's headed lower & the lost audience is in Prime Spending Years

Cable and Satellite national penetration could go to 50% or lower in the next 2-5 years. There is something equally or more important than penetration that is not being discussed.

Many of those who are cutting the cord or are cord nevers are in their prime purchasing years.

At 55 I purchase mostly what I want. My wants are slow to surface and I have time, I can shop until the time is right.

Between 25 & 30 when I started earning real money I purchased what I needed, and I need a lot :). Cars, homes, furniture, investments, insurance, restaurants, electronics...

I do have more money at 55 but I was on a large shopping spree at 30. Wealth, Income & Spend are very different and marketers need to consider both

chart from CNBC & Schwab


Local CTV OTT advertising getting better all the time. SISU

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