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As a leader in a large company, my loyalty was split between company & client. Now I am 100% client

What you say about yourself pales in comparison to what customers say about you. Large companies tend to hold pep rallies and boast about being customer-centric, there is typically training and possibly a working template. These were good plans but as soon a pressure mounts for groups, unit, or personal revenue, “the best-laid plans go astray”. Projects for immediate revenue are cranked out and ready or not, budgets are assigned and must be hit.

It’s why I left a large company and started my own business. I thought my last large company was good, but it was well known some products were not ready or not good. Either way, they were hastily launched and aggressively pushed, which is not very customer-centric.

As a leader in my old large company, my loyalty was split between company and client. Now I am 100% dedicated to the clients that I serve. I am inspired every day to deliver my best work and appreciative to the clients that allow me to work for them. In a small company, this is a big difference that clients feel, recognize, and benefit from.

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