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Apple to Zales TV & Cable are effective, who said they are efficient. There's a new sheriff in town

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

that goes by the initials of CTV

From Apple to Zales TV & Cable are effective but whoever said they were efficient. There's a new Sheriff in town that goes by the name of CTV.

CTV is still in the early stages; the best is yet to come. While we are at the forefront of CTV, we are still learning evolving, and looking to get better. To do this we are constantly researching, listening to peers, and companies in ad tech, ACR, location, measurement, and more.

Over the last few weeks, I have noticed a consistent theme coming up in the videos that I have been watching.

This is the summary- traditional demographic targeting on broadcast TV and Cable is not as efficient as it was in the past.

While I agree with the summary a bit, whoever said Broadcast TV and Cable were efficient. There are very few companies that need to talk to everyone everywhere. Sure, if your McDonald's or Walmart spray the audience with your message, almost everyone can be served. Keep in mind there are many people who have cut the cord and do not watch traditional television or cable. Even mammoth companies need CTV.

Many companies from Apple to Zales have a specific target in mind and it is not 25-54. Age and gender or simply outdated, we are in a demos plus world. I spent the first 30 years of my career in broadcast TV and cable I know they are both effective but for many, they were never efficient. Old school measurement was just the best we had. Thanks to technology now we have better.

CTV provides a great option for Efficiency and Effectiveness. I will throw in an additional E and that is engaging. CTV combines all the power of TV with the targeting of digital and the ability to track active and intrigued viewers. Today viewing is fractionalized and fragmented across many screens; people watch what, when, how, and where they want. CTV | OTT can accommodate all viewer preferences. CTV is addressable and now has scale. Data is the axis of CTV campaigns allowing a marketer to deliver targeted and relevant messaging. Combining digital video and entertainment is a winning combination.

CTV | OTT always getting better for viewers and advertisers


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