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Affirmation of thought, mindset, and success. May this post lead you to great outcomes-SISU

Updated: May 20, 2021

On 5/12 I posted an article about the importance of being prompt. This is a follow-up or addition.

Link to 5/12 post

In that post I suggested being first was a factor in creating successful outcomes but there were other important ingredients. I went on to list other important elements to generate successful outcomes such as offering value, making others feel important, timely and levelheaded pricing quotes, providing an ETA on projects or delivery, follow up & follow-through, delivering the product or service agreed to...

Just yesterday 5/17, 5 days after my post I saw this chart from Marketing Charts in my inbox.

It is nice to have affirmation. You to work for a company that offers all the above, commit to yourself and your clients they deserve these deliverables also.


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