• Robert Eckelman

Ad spend shifting from linear TV to Streaming

Updated: Apr 2

In an ad week article Article https://bit.ly/3wlshFu

According to Magna, a shift is underway.

Households now spend 29% of their time streaming

Broadcast primetime ratings are down -21%.

The average age of the traditional TV viewer has increased 13% to 60+

Roku has seen an increase of 55% in streaming hours.

Keep in mind all of the above numbers don't even take into account that CTV commercials are is non-skippable and include digital attribution

Streaming is TV only better. Ad spend has not caught up yet but it will. Currently, only 3%-12% of ad spend is allocated to streaming. The streaming ad spend range comes from many different sources, but it is consensus that CTV is under-budgeted.

According to the IAB more than 50% of advertisers shifting budget from broadcast and cable to CTV (E-marketer Oct 2020)

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