• Robert Eckelman

3 critical issues that need to be discussed in the CTV space

A friend shared a Great article on Linkedin that addresses 3 critical issues that are not being discussed. the article was on point so I am sharing it with all.


1,Covid-19 pandemic, have catapulted CTV forward at the rate you would expect to see over years, not weeks

 2, What we must not do is create over-sized teams in an effort to appear ‘big’ in CTV, or create new teams without identifying a clear need to do so. The Truth sales teams are bloated and undertrained.

3 Ad-funded CTV providers and technologies need to step up to the plate and educate media buyers to an expert level and help define ownership and make CTV advertising easy to buy. The truth unfortunately in the CTV space there is more fiction than fact being passed from seller two advertisers. Just yesterday I saw a media company talking about their ACR partner having 35Mill households but their partner's website states they have 15 million households. We need to share information honestly or not at all   

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