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24 hours in a day. Have you ever noticed some people get more done & are happy doing it?

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Have you ever noticed that some people are more efficient with time? They seem to get more done and appear happy doing it.

With all that is going on in the world today you need to focus on clearing your mind, it will boost your productivity and enjoyment (business and personal). This is a summary of a good article I read here is the link

Clear your cluttered mind. We have all seen pop-ups on our computers, our phones, or television sets. what you may not be aware of is they pop up in our mind also. They often pop up when trying to sleep. The mind holds on to things you must do or things you forgot to do the best way to quiet your mind is to write them down. Not on your phone that will just lead to more pop ups, use a pen and paper.

Dedicate daily time for breathing or meditating. I think first thing in the AM is best for a great start to the day (I am sure I am wrong, but I consider them one in the same) Wim Hof breathing is fantastic Maximize the benefit of breathing jump in a cold shower or a cold pool

Mindfulness (my definition) take time in your mind to review what you are thankful for and who you were thankful for. Not just generic terms like health and wealth but specifically think of the people in your life and circumstances that have made a difference. You can also think of the people you have made helped and influenced. Being gracious and thankful is powerful medicine. Make time to tell people (not a text) Thank You.

Exercise and eat right. It is proven exercise clears the mind, brain fog, fatigue, and stress. After exercise power up properly. Eating clean and proper hydration is the key to feeling your best and making do most of the day.

All the best


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