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2022 Oscars is not a hit, this is not a reference to the slap.

I did not watch the Oscars, I don't really care for the award shows that were once tent pole events. Judging by the ratings of these events most people don't really care. In 2022 the Oscars performed much better than in 2021 but they were still not a hit. I am not referring to the slap. In fact, for adults 18-49 the improved ratings only equaled a 3.76. A rating of 3.76 means 3.76% of all adults 18-49 watch at least some part of the program.

Now I will reference the slap not because I care about either person involved, but because there is something very interesting.

Years ago people would say did you Hear about the Slap?

Now they say did you See the slap.

Online video dominates traditional television.

While the TV broadcast with all the stars, and all the promotion, could only deliver 15 million viewers. The video clip online raged. A clip of the altercation posted by The Guardian has delivered over 48 million views after only 16 hours. There are hundreds of sites and individuals that posted the video. I can't find a total on the number of times this clip was watched and I can not project how many times the clip will be viewed online but this number will double, triple...Once a video is posted it will live indefinitely.

Times have changed and so has media consumption


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