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Experts in OTT | CTV advertising. We help agencies and businesses plan, buy, and measure CTV | OTT advertising. 



Access Inventory From Top-tier Providers & The Most Popular Networks

Connected TV | OTT advertising combines the impact of TV with the attribution and precision of digital.

94%* of US households are reachable through CTV. 


CTV Reach Increases by year 

94% reach 2022                           46% of U.S. adults watch CTV daily***

86% in 2021                                 62% of adults 18-34 watch CTV  daily

59% in Q1 2020.                          54% of adults 35-54 watch CTV daily

                                                       24% of adults 55+ watch CTV daily  

Subscription stacking services continue to grow. The average video-streaming household now uses 5.2 services. Cord Cutting accelerates in, traditional linear pay TV/ Cable lose 1.95 million customers in Q3 2022.  vMVPD added 1.29 million customers in Q3**. Traditional Cable/Pay TV penetration falls to the lowest level since 1993. Traditional Cable is just above 50% and falling to below 50% in 2023 according to eMarketer.    
Source Kantar June 2022. *Pixalate Sept 9/2022 **MoffettNathanson ***
Source Lichtman Research Group June 2022


The average CTV household in 2022 watched 1 hour and 44 minutes of streaming per day. The IAB survey says 73% of buyers are expected to shift their media spend from linear TV to support their increase in CTV and OTT ad spend*. The mean home owns 3.9 Connected TV Devices**.

*Advertising Bureau video advertising report **Lichtman Research Group 


CTV | OTT viewers also tend to be more diverse and wealthier than the general US population. 80% of CTV | OTT viewers watch Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) Source Spot X 2/2020.   


ConnectADtv simplifies CTV |OTT for local advertisers. It is smarter advertising and marketing through better targeting. We can start a campaign quickly & optimize it to deliver cross-device impact with optimal reach, frequency. Find out more, give us a call 727-580-4857

Big Screen TV For Streaming People build rooms around their TV's
several tv screens


ConnectADtv on the Leverage To Scale Podcast

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CTV = Connected TV | OTT = Over The Top TV

Grow your business and achieve your goals. Improve results with data driven audience-based, local CTV | OTT video advertising


Inventory is brand safe & fraud free

All ads are 100% viewable & non-skippable

Premium Inventory Partners

Inventory from top tier providers and popular networks

On-Demand and Live content

95% video completion rate

Extend the reach of existing TV campaigns

Influence Cord cutters

Reach cord shavers, cord cutters, and cord nevers

View through reporting, see what happens after ad exposure

Optimized for all screens

Retargeting, optimize for cross-platform reach & frequency 

Powerful cross platform reporting

Provide full cross-platform and transparent reporting

Commercials typically run in a low clutter 60-90 sec breaks

Better targeting creates higher engagement

Advanced targeting 1st & 3rd party: geo, age, gender, income HH targeting. Look-Alike modeling. Flexible scheduling, coordinate your schedule with other messaging in the market.

target your best customers

Target & Schedule

Reach and track OTT | CTV viewers on other devices for a true omnichannel experience. Deliver frequency, sequence ads, improve results.

Measure resuts omnichannel


Qualify and quantify success through cross-platform reporting: Impressions, completion rate, view-throughs, conversions and more.

Measure resuts omnichannel


Connected TV CTV | OTT is the intersection of the TV and digital

CTV | OTT providers and networks deliver live and on-demand content from a programmer to a viewer. It is that simple, great programs and established networks without the traditional TV station or Cable provider. Additionally OTT is delivered via an internet connection so advertisers and viewers benefit from digital attributes. Advertisers are now able to target customers with precision: age, income, interests, purchase intent, and other associated digital characteristic. Marketers only pay for actual completed ad impressions rather than viewership estimates. Plus all campaigns have detailed viewership analytics giving advertisers an opportunity to optimize every flight. Consumers benefit from seeing advertising and marketing messages that are most relevant to them.

ConnectADtv has access to top-tier providers, networks, skinny bundles like Sling, Direct TV Now, and more ... Targeted advertising runs in all genres: News, Sports, lifestyle, entertainment, and more. Our list of providers is ever growing. CTV | OTT Inventory is available on supported devices including AppleTV, Amazon Fire, and Roku.

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CTV Inventory partner deals

ConnectADtv is not affiliated with logos above. This is a partial list of networks and publishers in the private marketplace where your advertisements will be scheduled.

CTV | OTT is setting new standards in advertising, combining the best of TV and digital. Viewers are tuning in, and advertisers are turning on. 


Not all companies are created equal. 

As a Buyer | Marketer inspect what you expect. Transparency, integrity, and trust are the foundation of ConnectADtv. Top quality service and keeping you on the forefront of Connected TV | OTT technology is our pledge. 


ConnectADtv provides a list of best practices and is 100% transparent.

ConnectADtv provides a list of best practices and is 100% transparent. Important details to consider when purchasing CTV | OTT. Will you see a complete list of all CTV | OTT publishers, networks, and individually associated CPM (costs)? What is the mark up, or management fee, is it clearly disclosed? Are you working with a strategic and collaborative partner, adding valuable techniques and ideas to deliver the best outcome or does the partner merely deliver inventory?  

CTV | OTT is much more than just a TV extension buy.

Essential elements to discuss for any CTV | OTT schedule include: Proper and optimum usage for devices, big screen tv’s and smartphones deliver different experiences. The best dayparts for active viewing, (should overnight impressions count). Campaign delivery to specific geographies and zips with precision. What 1st and 3rd party data will be used to customize an audience? How are results being tracked and measured?


What is your need for speed and detailed reporting?    

ConnectAdtv activates or changes a schedule or copy within 2 hours in most cases. We provide detailed daily reports. ConnectADtv empowers advertisers to grow their business by providing the reporting advertisers need to make the right decisions.


There are a lot of great companies in the CTV | OTT space. 

We would enjoy sharing our capabilities, best practices, and strategies to maximize your ROAS | ROI. 

inspect what you expect

Local CTV | OTT advertising will supercharge your advertising. Inspect what you expect, read this to obtain peak results.

Media Has Changed Forever, power has shifted from

large media companies to savvy marketers


CTV | OTT shifts power from large media companies to savvy marketers and advertisers through a customer-centric focus. Advertisers no longer need to purchase programs and networks; hoping prospects are in the audience. CTV | OTT offers advertisers the ability to build precise audiences made up of best their prospects. Connected TV is smarter marketing and advertising through better targeting. 


ConnectADtv is on the forefront of CTV | OTT advertising. We are always learning, evolving and improving because CTV | OTT is in a beta state. We take classes, receive certifications, and attend seminars to stay up to date on new ad platforms, evolving ad tech and the latest trends.


Our goal is to be the best at what we do, so our clients can be the best at what they do. 

Local CTV | OTT advertising Smarter, Better, Easier.


Use data and technology to influence precise audiences made up your best prospects. Improve impact, relevance, and engagement by reaching consumers who’s online and offline behavior, lifestyle, income, location qualify them as in market intenders.


>Viewers are logged in and they choose what they want to view leading to a high engagement rate.
>Non-skippable commercials in premium brand-safe fraud-free inventory.
>Real reach and frequency, Traditional reach & frequency formula was made up when there were three networks and has not changed much.
>Measure Video Completion Rate (95%+), View through and Click Through activity on all campaigns.
>Retarget those exposed to CTV | OTT on computers, tablets, and mobile.


Easier than traditional TV
No audience estimates.
No Nielsen- antiquated, small sample size, and large margin of error.
No Posting or Under-deliver, pay only for actual impressions run.
No channel changing in between commercials. Change the channel= viewers log off only to return to the commercial break. 

Thanks! We will be in touch with you shortly.


Better, Smarter

Easier Than Traditional TV

All age groups watch CTV
60% of us adults view weekly.

54% of adults ages 18-34 view CTV daily

43% of those ages 35-54 view CTV daily

22% of adults 55+ view CTV daily

All ages groups watch CTV | OTT | Streaming

In 2019, traditional TV & Streaming had an even split. Fast forward to August 2021 streaming becomes the default choice 55% prefer streaming and only 39% of viewers default to traditional TV

CTV, OTT, Streaming is the viewers default choice
mkt charts

Traditional Cable Subs to fall to less than 50% by 2023. In the last 6 years, Cable lost more than 50 million adult viewers. The largest single-year free fall was in 2020 dropping 7.7%. Eventually, Most | All media will be streamed.

Traditional Cable Subs to fall to less than 50% by 2023

49% of adults choose ad-supported CTV | Streaming | OTT over a more expensive ad-free option. Only 22% are willing to pay for ad-free option.

49% of adults choose ad-supported streaming over a more expensive ad-free option. Only 22% are willing to pay for ad-free option.

The latest research on CTV | OTT from the IAB. Download IAB report   more research Click Here

Source eMarketer

The Customer Path To Purchase Has Many Clicks, Searches, Comments, Reviews

Customers are blending online and off-line experiences during their path to purchase. Local Connected TV | Over The Top advertising addresses both. We deliver the impact of television and the precision of digital to supercharge your advertising.

Customer attention and intention may start on TV, move to websites, then to social and other platforms. Often consumers move back and forth through platforms until they are comfortable with the product or company to make a purchase. Marketers study the path to purchase and seek out partners who can deliver.

ConnectADtv will localize your message and place it in front of the right audience, at the right time, on the best platform.

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