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Advertising on local CTV | OTT Easier than Traditional TV

Local CTV | OTT advertising- easier than traditional TV
Local CTV | OTT advertising- easier than traditional TV

The story of OTT | CTV is continuing to evolve. While it's receiving great press and publicity, I have decided to focus on benefits that few are revealing.

Local CTV | OTT advertising with precision & efficiency, in premium, non-skippable inventory is actually easier than traditional TV.

This is only a post and potentially only my opinion, but after spending 32 Years in Television Advertising Sales. 17 of those years in Television Sales Management, in a top tier market, I feel I am very qualified on this subject matter.


No audience estimates

No Nielsen- antiquated, small sample size, and large margin of error

No Posting or Underdeliver, pay only for actual impressions run

No channel changing in between commercials. Change the channel= viewers log off only to return to the commercial break


Viewers are logged in

Branded, fraud-free, brand-safe, long-form (22minutes +) content. Viewers choose what they want to view leading to a high engagement rate

Non-skippable commercials

Real reach and frequency, forget the old reach and frequency formula that has not changed much since there were 3 networks and rabbit ears on TV's

Sellers of CTV | OTT are complicating what is actually simple and easy. Have questions? Let's talk


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