• Robert Eckelman

Will this pandemic lead to a shopping and gathering “Tipping Point”?

The Tipping Point was published in 2000.

The term “ Tipping Point” quickly became overused.

It has been said what is old becomes new again; so in that spirit, I asked this question.

Will this pandemic lead to a shopping and gathering “Tipping Point”?

One where it is Faster, Easier, Safer, More transparent, More Spacious, More Appointments and Personalization, With Less Contact, Fewer Crowds, and Large Venue Events

We are resilient, quick to recover, quick to forget, quick to move on and prosper.

I do believe we will be fine, possibly stronger and better prepared.

I also think some things will be different…A New Normal ( sorry I know that is overused).

Those who find that point of differentiation and still deliver a great experience will benefit most and quickest.

The thought of getting in a crowded elevator or movie theater right now this very far from my mind.

Good thing Local CTV | OTT is delivered right to your house. At least you can enjoy your favorite video safely :)

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