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Who will benefit most from Streaming Wars?

Who will benefit most from streaming wars

1st Consumers & Advertisers.

Streaming services continue to put out fantastic content. Better content = more viewers. More viewers = Advanced Ad Tech, better targeting opportunities, & more Dynamic Advertising. I think the subscription model will survive, I think most will be ad-supported or sponsored like Hulu.

2nd Roku,

They are not even in the battle, Roku is 100% natural and will benefit regardless of who wins. Roku is the top platform that people are using to consume streaming. Roku powers 1 out of every 3 smart TVs, Sells quality stand-alone devices and has over 30 million active users. While Roku makes great devices most of its revenue comes from advertising, they are a media company. The addition of Dataxu acquisition will only solidify and bolster that position.

3rd Fire TV

will gain, devices are first-rate and Alexa enabled, Fire TV is currently behind Roku in market share & in CTV | OTT advertising. Fire TV is part of the Amazon machine and while Amazon does fantastic with advertising that is only part of the conglomerate.

let the wars go on, many will benefit. Local #CTV # OTT advertising always getting better

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