• Robert Eckelman

Who knows more about your shopping habits your spouse or Amazon. I am betting on Amazon.

It is also why I think it as a great time for Amazon to start up the rumored Free Ad-Supported digital CTV | OTT channel. They have plenty of content and over 48,000,000 TV streaming devices in service. Amazon knows what you shop fore, when you ship for it, if you actually purchase and how many times you looked at it before you added it to your cart. They also know your wish list, if you have an Amazon Credit Card, potentially your offline purchases, income and all the benefits of know your charge card activity. Amazon is now the 3rd largest digital ad platform behind Google and Facebook. Advertising is not going to stop so it may as well be relevant to your needs. Amazon can put the capital R in relevant. If Amazon does start a free streaming service, I hope they have inventory for Local CTV | OTT advertising.

Amazon has over 48.000,000 TV Streaming devices in service. It is Time for a Free AD- Supported CTV \ OTT channel

CTV = Connected TV | OTT = Over The Top TV

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