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What's old is New Again. Disney is Banning Netflix Ads

Disnet + and Netflix Frenemys?

What's old is New Again. Disney is Banning Netflix Ads.

When I started in broadcast we did not let Cable Networks advertise, they were trying to pull from our audience. As time changed and the need for revenue grew, broadcasters decided to let cable networks advertise, but we would not let them air time and date specific commercials for programs, somehow that limitation was a win for someone somewhere.

It's back! Disney is Banning Netflix Ads (Netflix spent almost 2 Billion last year in marketing). Obviously this ban is due to the launch of Disney +.

Buckle up we are bound to see more efforts like this. I believe the next thing you will see is platforms like Roku Fire TV, Apple TV & Chrome Cast block competitive apps (not really good for consumers). There was a time when you could not watch YouTube on Amazon Fire TV.

CTV OTT it is a moving target as companies move for dominance in a fast-growing reinvention of TV and video delivery.

I am hopeful that this charge to the finish line will be good for consumers and local CTV | OTT advertising

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